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Walking Winery Tours take you to vineyards and wineries throughout the Okanagan Valley

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Bring sturdy shoes or hiking boots as we explore the vineyards and learn about the history and terrior that makes each winery unique. A wine tasting follows 20+ minutes of exploring each winery on the tour. More info about Walking Winery Tours


Explore the best Okanagan Valley and Myra Canyon adventures with your friends!
Custom Bike Tours, Winery Tours, or Myra Canyon Bike Tours!

Join our professional guides on one of our memorable tours, whether it's for birthday parties, weddings, reunions, stags, stagettes, our adventure tours are unforgettable. Half day, overnight or multi-day tours are available. We will customize any tour to your capabilities.
Transport for self-guided Myra Canyon Bike tours also available. Rent a bike from Monashee Adventure Tours - we have a large selection of bike rentals to choose from.


Kelowna Pinot Noir Tour
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West Kelowna Pinot Noir Tour


In the News

Calgary Is Awesome

These are Kelowna's Must-See Spots

Written by C.I.A. Custom Content | April 28, 2016
Photo Courtesy of Tourism Kelowna and Karen Miller

Kelowna is one of those unique spots in BC that is home to arts, culture, nature, festivals, and events. Whether you’re planning a trip with pals or looking to get away with someone special, we’re helping you out by picking out some of the best spots to enjoy your time together. read more

Travel Industry Today

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley: ‘Napa of the North’ or something all its own?

By  Ari Burack

A once-remote swath of rolling farmland surrounding 84 threadlike miles of lake in southeast British Columbia has in recent years been hailed by wine lovers as Canada's Napa Valley. But it turns out it might actually be something even better: itself. read more

Travel Industry Today

Kelowna: 'The Next Big Thing'

By  Jennifer Zielinski
January 25, 2015

Residents of Kelowna consider their city to be a gem and slowly the rest of the world is discovering this jewel in the heart of the Okanagan. A writer for The Aspen Times, just named Kelowna as ‘The Next Big Thing’ in travel. read more

Travel Industry Today

Kelowna, Canada: A little slice of heaven

January 14, 2015

In September, United Airlines started offering direct, non-stop flights from San Francisco International to Kelowna, Canada. Kelowna, a pristine region of British Columbia, and it is usually shadowed by its big brother and sister Whistler and Vancouver. read more

Travel Industry Today

A SHINING JEWEL Okanagan Valley cited in top 10 list of travel destinations

January 2015

The Okanagan Valley has earned a spot on Wine Enthusiast magazine's top 10 list of travel destinations. The magazine calls the region in British Columbia a “shining jewel,'' which has long been a centre for agriculture and a four-season outdoor playground. read more

USA TODAY Named the Okanagan Valley One of the Best Wine Regions in the World

September 2014

At Okanagan Wine Festivals, we are more than intimate with the lush landscapes that produce the delicious wines of the Okanagan Valley. Now, readers of the most widely circulated publication in the United States, USA Today, know what we knew all along. The Okanagan Valley is among the best wine regions in the world... read more


B.C.’s Kettle Valley bike trail has winery payoff

By Christy Karras
Special to The Seattle Times

September 26, 2013

I am a terrible cyclist. If there’s a rock in the
trail (or a car on the road), I will hit it. But as I gripped the handlebars of a bicycle and rolled
along Canada’s Kettle Valley Rail Trail recently,
one thought calmed my fears: Soon, there will
be wine...

The Vancouver Sun

Bicycle tour offers van service

The Vancouver Sun

September 2013

There’s more than one way to get over the humps on Okanagan winery tours.

Trailhead’ Ed Kruger of Kelowna’s Monashee Adventure Tours has been leading two-wheelers through the vineyards for 22 years ...

Okanagan Life Magazine

Okanagan Life Magazine - Monashee Adventure Tours Wins "The Best of the Okanagan Readers' Choice Award" for 2012

Okanagan Life Magazine

January 2012

This is the 18th consecutive year that our readers have voted for their favourite business heroes in the North, Central and South Okanagan. Happy business people who receive the hottest award in the Valley know that Okanagan Life readers vote by way of official ballot ... View PDF

Canadian Living: Travel Talk

Canadian Living
Travel Talk: Wine, Women & Song

Canadian Living - by Doug O'Neill

June 26, 2012

Canadian wine-lovers, how about a little Lyle Lovett with your glass of Riesling? Canadian wineries are pouring on more than just wine these days. Time was, you drove up to a winery, sampled a few favourites from the cellar, and your designated driver drove on to the next vineyard. Times have definitely changed ...

Kelowna Tourism Tourism Kelowna

Popularity of farm visits soars

Tourism Kelowna - by Catherine Frechette

June 25, 2012

...we wandered over to the entrance to the Manteo Resort on Cook Rd, where Monashee Adventure Tours has set up a bike rental station... Our first stop was Old Meadows Farm ...

More to being a food writer than seeking
the big taste

By Steve MacNaull, Kelowna Daily Courier

June 23, 2012

Dinners and lunches were eaten at the Hotel Eldorado, Cabana Bar & Grille, the Delta Grand hotel and Tantalus Winery... there was also biking with Monashee Adventure Tours...

CBS Eye On the Bay

CBS San Francisco
Eye On the Bay: Okanagan Wine Country

CBS San Francisco - Eye On the Bay

May 31, 2012

Brian wraps up his British Columbia adventure with a road trip to the northern most wine region in the world!  Some call it the Napa Valley of Canada ...

Alaska Airlines

Next Stop: Kelowna, B.C. - Rare Snow Biking

Produced by: Alaska Airlines

May 15, 2012

The Monashee Mountains are a short drive from town and situated amid the alpine landscape are four ski areas - Apex, Big White, Crystal Mountain and Silver Star ...

More Info Check out this Tour

Myra Canyon and Kelowna Bike Rentals

Myra Canyon on a Bicycle - Kelowna, B.C.

By Jeff Eager ( and the GCAT crew)
The Great Canadian Adventure Tour

February 13, 2012

Trail Head Ed has accomplished what everyone dreams of doing - he loves going to work! But who wouldn't when your office is one of the most spectacular biking/hiking spots on the planet! ...

Myra Canyon Bike Rentals Check out this Tour


Wine Trails

By Tim Morton-
SHAW TV Channel 11
July 19, 2011

Take a peek back at medieval times wirh Monashee Adventure Tours. Tim Morton explores the new East Kelowna Wine Trail ...

East Kelowna Wine Cycle Tour Check out this Tour

Globe and Mail

Chasing Tuscany in the
Okanagan Valley

By Robin Esrock - Globe and Mail Columnist Profile
Globe & Mail - July 06, 2011

In my dream, I’m pedalling among the vines in Tuscany. I’m riding alongside my fiancée, with warm, fresh bread in the bicycle basket, and a bottle of wine poking out from under a red and white checkered cloth...

Westworld and Myra Canyon

Daytripper: Trestlemania
Nothing can quell the urge to peddle where trains once chugged

By Brennan Clarke
WestWorld Magazine - Summer 2011

It's just after 8:30 a.m. when Ed Kruger, better known as Monashee Tour's Trailhead Ed, wheels into the Myra Station parking lot to unload our bikes and gear. Far below, the hush benchlands of southeastern Kelowna stretch toward the city ...

Calgary Herald

Forget the snowboard -grab a bike
B.C. resort only one in Canada
to allow new sport

By DebbieE Olsen - for The Calgary Herald

As we peddled our rented snowbikes to the top edge of the practice ski run at Big White Ski Resort, it was easy to imagine how the first snowboarders likely felt when they brought their new contraptions onto a ski run. People were staring. And who could blame them? It's not every day you see a bike with a ski blade in place of a front tire...

Red Deer Advocate

Land of snow ghosts

By DebbieE Olsen
Red Deer Advocate - March 05/2011

It’s a bit chilly in the land of snow ghosts. A slight breeze is blowing as we near the summit of Big White Ski Resort in Kelowna, B.C., on the aptly named Snow Ghost Express Chairlift....

Seattle Met

Bike In the B.C. Highline

By Rachel Sturtz
Freelance writer

Seattle Met - Travel & Outdoors
52 Weekends Getaways, Adventures,
and Road Trips for Every Weekend of the Year


Kelowna Tourism

Intro to Snow Biking -
with Monashee Adventure Tours

Tourism Kelowna Snowbiking Video


Edmonton Journal

From steel wheels to bicycle wheels

Courtesy: Edmonton Journal

At first, Ed Kruger appears a 1960s-era throwback, all long, curly hair and smoky laugh... but then "Trailhead Ed" starts talking with considerable passion (and deep knowledge) about the history of the Okanagan region... Read Full Article

Global BC

Beauty & Beyond: Biking the Kettle Valley

Courtesy: Global BC

This 10 kilometre section of rail running through Summerland, B.C. is the last surviving section of the Kettle Valley Railway. But thanks to some dedicated preservationists, you can still ride the entire distance... just not on a train. Watch Global BC Video

Myra Canyon Bike Rentals

Cycling Tour in the Kettle Valley with Monashee Adventure Tours

by Lori Henry - Travel Writer, Actor and Cultural Dance Gal

His shouts echoed through the Okanagan Valley, getting stymied by the clouds. I was cycling along the Kettle Valley’s Myra Canyon with Trailhead Ed (aka. Ed Kruger) of Monashee Adventure Tours and our route took us 20 km round trip over 18 historic trestles and through two tunnels. Read Full article

Monashee Adventure Tours

One Track Wine
Choice rides—and bottles—along the Kettle Valley Rail Trail in the Okanagan

By Michael Robertson

Myra Canyon to Kelowna
Cycle This 12-kilometre stretch—"the jewel of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail”—was hidden from public view for five years after the fires of 2003 destroyed 13 of its 18 trestles. Reopened in June 2008, the trail now draws 100,000 cyclists and hikers a year, with its great vistas overlooking Kelowna and Lake Okanagan.
Sip Summerhill Pyramid Winery ( is only 20km away. Try their Platinum Gewurztraminer—dry but with great floral notes.

Chute Lake to the Naramata Bench
Cycle From Chute Lake ride along a corridor encased by trees and rock. The nearby rock ovens, for which this section is known, offer a peek into the lives of the crews who lived, worked and baked on the line... MORE

Washington Post 2010

December is harvest time for ice wine in the Okanagan region of western Canada

By Remy Scalza
Special to The Washington Post - January 3, 2010

... "You see lynx, coyote, bobcat and fox out there," says 48-year-old mountain guide Ed Kruger, who heads Monashee Adventure Tours. Kruger... a modern incarnation of the mountain man...
(read full article)

The B.C. High Line Tour -

National Geographic Adventure Magazine

One of the 25 Best New Trips in the world for 2010!! "National Geographic Adventure Magazine"
Read the article

The Tour Guru

Watch Video: and Tourism Kelowna present The Tour Guru

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Group on Trestles

Sip n' Cycle

By: Angie Arnold
Just as good wines are to be sipped and savoured for maximum enjoyment, so too are the gorgeous landscapes that produce them best appreciated at the slower pace a bicycle affords... Read entire story

Canadian Geographic

Canadian Geographic: 'Fire & Bikes' Article featuring Monashee Adventure Tours
Article By Masa Takei
Photo: Darryl Leniuk

“Firestorm 2003,” as it became known, was, by almost any measure, the most devastating season of wildfires...Read entire story

Kelowna Tourism

Tourism Kelowna, Globe & Mail Article



NY Times - The Okanagan, a Napa of the North

My husband and I enjoyed
a recent biking tour in Burgundy, France. Are there any similar
wine-country cycling trips in
North America?

In British Columbia, book the South Okanagan Wine Country Cycle Tour with Monashee Adventure Tours.

We offer multiple Cycle to Winery Options that caters to every taste
and physical ability. These Okanagan winery tours tours offer the chance
to see the Okanagan Valley from the seat of an ultra comfortable
bike, as well as taste the world class wines that have
made their marks on international wine lists.

View of an Okanagan Vineyard

Bring your own bike or ride one from our fleet of Giant bicycles. A bike, helmet and water are supplied. Bike tours run from April until late October, rain or shine. We offer Bike Rentals to explore the Okanagan Valley and Myra Canyon.

We will customize a tour for your group, contact us for details. No group is too large, we've done as many as 120 people in one day! Contact us for pricing for groups of 10 or more.

We offer tours for all abilities and interests. Our half day, overnight or multiday tours are the perfect outings for: employee team-building, employee appreciation/incentives, corporate
retreats and school trips. Enjoy a wide range of tours and activities in the Southern Interior of British Columbia including: Myra Canyon, Kettle Valley Railway, Rails to Trails, Cycle to Winery, Winery Tours, Freeride, and Hiking.

Summerland Waterfront Resort

A Destination For All Seasons

Great Estates of the Okanagan - your passport to the Okanagan Wine Country

The Bulldog Hotel - Silver Star Mountain Resort Vernon BC Canada

Silver Star Accommodation - Vernon BC Canada

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