Attending Euro 2020 – a How-to Guide

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We often want to know more about the sports that interest us – for example, we search for basketball terminology, or we want to find more info on Boxing betting. However, one of the most searched terms regarding sports has to be Euro 2020. Going with your buddies to see the biggest soccer tournament in Europe sounds like a blast. Especially if you have it all figured out. So, here’s our take on what you should do if you are planning on attending Euro 2020.

Basic Logistics

There will be more than 10 cities that are hosting the event, which means that it’s time for a road trip. However, you are still not likely to be able to attend all of the matches due to logistics. For example, Group A matches and at least one quarter-final will be played in Baku, Azerbaijan. Unless you have a private jet, you will probably not be able to hop in and out of Europe for different matches.

So, here’s a tip. The semi-finals and the finals, along with round 16, will be played in London. A wise course of action would be to find accommodations and tickets in London for the most important matches. If you are lucky, you will be able to attend matches in Dublin, Amsterdam, and Munich relatively easily.

If, however, you are determined to watch a match strictly for the adventure of traveling, each and every one of the cities hosting the tournament will be lucky and happy to have you. One could even argue that it is frugal to go to a single match in, say, Budapest.

Finding a Place

London welcomes tourists and the prices reflect that, especially during an important sporting event such as this one. If you have a friend you can stay with or a couch you can crash on, provided you feel absolutely safe, you should give that a shot. Youth hostels are another way to go. Finally, if you are a kind of person that spares no expense, you can check into a hotel or motel, though you need to act quickly – these things are planned out months in advance, so it might be a bit difficult to find a place to stay.

Alternatively, you can rough it up by traveling like in the movie Road Trip – on a bus, van, or RV you can sleep in. Just make sure there are no legal issues with the venue regarding this option.

Cultural Clash

Some countries and/or clubs can get a bit overprotective of their favorite team. So, while you are going on a road trip with your best friends, make sure you are not provoking people with your behavior. Remember, cultures differ from one another, so what’s acceptable in one place may be out of the question in the next. If you plan on visiting a place for the first time, it might be a good idea to learn more about the customs and the mentality of the people.

Food and Drinks

It is a good idea to fill up your backpacks and cases with sandwiches and snacks, as well as a reasonable amount of drinks. The reason for this is still not related to availability, but how affordable these things are in the hosting cities.

As you know, a hotdog at the supermarket is several times cheaper than the one on the street, which, again, doesn’t compare to the one you can buy at a stadium. Furthermore, these types of events don’t allow outside food and drink, so keep that in mind.