Best Destinations of 2019 and 2020

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Oh, where to go and what to see? There are so many options and you can’t decide between going with a travel agent or throwing caution to the wind and try backpacking. Where do the tourists go? How about the ones searching for the answers or the ones who just want to take a year off before settling down? We’ve done our research and these are the hottest international destinations in 2019 and, we hope, 2020.

The Azores

If you could combine a trip to Europe, relaxing on an island, and having to learn a foreign language to talk to the locals, going to the Autonomous Region of the Azores is certainly one of the options. As an autonomous region of Portugal, the islands have a great deal of Portuguese culture combines with the settlers from different ages. The landscape, the waterfalls, the beautiful sea, and several UNESCO heritage sites make the Azores worth visiting. If you are still unsure of whether the location is worth your time, the climate is akin to constant spring – brisk mornings and comfortable afternoons. Just make sure you visit the archipelago when there are no hurricanes.


This is one of those places that is eternal and will never go out of style. Traveling to see the pyramids is a classic for a reason, and even more so now that some new exhibits and discoveries are open to the public. Ride a camel, enter a maze or two, see where the grave robbers of the ages left their mark and take a picture Auntie Florence would be jealous of. If you have a chance, don’t miss out on visiting the great Tomb of Mehu, a 4000-year old site erected in the honor of a vizier. It is one of the sites that were off-limits to the public eye that are now open to everyone willing to bask in the glory of Ancient Egypt.

Krabi, Thailand

Do you want to visit a culturally enriching place with an amazing climate, exotic food and the comforts an average tourist might experience at the same time? In the southern part of Thailand, you will find Krabi. The beaches are exquisite and the luxury can be felt in the air. It is serene and not crowded, so you can have your privacy and be spared loud beach parties. The reason this entry isn’t higher on the list is that, sadly, it is a tourist destination for those that are, shall we say, financially enhanced. Still, if you can find an affordable option, it will certainly be worth your time.

Corfu, Greece

The Mediterranean is filled with everything for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a tourist, a backpacker, an explorer, a foodie on the hunt, a historian, or someone who enjoys being pampered. The island of Corfu in Greece will cater to your needs, whatever they may be. Even if you get tired of exploring the wonders of the island, others are just a ferry ride away. There is also the town of Corfu, with several museums and churches, with tour buses with audio guides for your pleasure. Some of the islands, like Paxos, offer serenity, away from the noise of the tourists.