Doodads You Should Have While Traveling

3 min read

How many times has it happened that you went on a trip, only to realize you forgot your nail clippers, toothbrush, charger, and so on? Here are some tools and things you should put on your checklist the next time you are planning on leaving your home.


If you want to keep using your mobile device in another country, you may need to pack some additional equipment. The charger and the USB cable immediately come to mind. Don’t forget to buy an energy bank – it is like a small battery that can charge your devices via USB. It’s also a good idea to have a pair of earphones to watch a clip or listen to music without disturbing other people.

Now, before you can plug anything in, make sure you have the necessary adapter. Different countries have different sockets, so if you haven’t already bought one, now is the time. Trying to plug in a device that is not compatible with the socket is a fire hazard.

Handy Tolls

You never know when you will be required to hammer something down, unscrew something else, or perform minor repairs. Carrying your entire toolbox is simply out of the question, so what can you do? The answer is simple, get a multi-tool. Multi-tools are small objects that embody and perform the function of several tools. Depending on the product you get, it could be a knife, screwdriver, hammer, clippers, and can-opener in one, for example.

Think Swiss Army knife, but more versatile. While we’re on the subject, one of those might be a good idea as well. Multi-tools and Swiss Army knives are life-savers in the wild, so they are simply a must when you are planning a camping trip. There are also so-called Survival Cards – multi-tools that fit into your wallet. There you go – useful, yet unassuming.


If you are roughing it up, a knife, a mirror, a compass, reusable water bottle (even better, one of those that filter water and make it drinkable), a lighter, a flashlight (though cell phones usually have one of those) and a foldable shovel are mandatory. These tools are not only for camping trips but also for when you get stranded, like while hiking. They are essential in finding your way, getting help, or building a shelter.


These are not strictly necessary, as you can likely purchase soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other things wherever you are going. If you are frugal, however, or if you don’t like assuming, get one of each. Razor, cream, and aftershave should also make the list. If you can’t function without our moisturizer and/or make-up removers, make sure you pack them as well. Still, these things are not necessary, but it is a good idea to have them around. Don’t forget to pack a roll of toilet paper or two, just in case (thank us later).


We’ve mentioned adapters and chargers for mobile devices. A few game consoles might also be a good idea. This is all fine and good, but what to do when electronics are busted, for whatever reason? For such an occasion, it would be wise to bring a deck of cards, a mini tabletop game, and/or a few books.  A bit of analog fun goes a long way when you are unable to play a game online or use a media player.