Sporting Events Worth Visiting in Other Countries

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Watching sports on TV and betting online using Sky Bet isn’t always enough. After all, aren’t you a world-traveler? Should you not be able to travel to another country and witness some great athleticism first-hand? Yes, you should. However, as you know, traveling is not always affordable, so here are a few exceptional sporting events you should follow abroad.

Any Grand Slam

We mean it. If you are into tennis at all and follow the biggest stars on your TV screen or preferred mobile device, then you can already comprehend the significance of the four Grand Slams. So, if you want to support your favorite tennis player, hop on over to either Melbourne, Paris, London, or New York. There is likely to be lots of action and high demand for the matches, so you’d best book your tickets way in advance if you don’t want to miss out.

The Olympics

Every four years, the Olympic Games are hosted by a new country. In 2020, Japan is the lucky host, and there are hundreds of Japanese people preparing for the occasion by either making business plans or learning foreign languages to accommodate the visitors. In any event, supporting your country in a competition of this rank is about as sportingly patriotic as you can get. Speaking of supporting your country, there is another event, also held every four years.

FIFA World Cup

Soccer is a beloved sport across the globe, arguably being the most popular. To be fair, there are a few pros and cons in terms of visiting a foreign country during the World Cup. First of all, the fans from different teams might want to exchange a few words with each other. Secondly, there is not much point in staying for the whole thing if your team has not advanced forwards. One the other hand, this is a unique experience that you can share with your friends and that you will talk about for years to come. That is, of course, if you can procure the tickets.

Tour de France

Fans of cycling know what we are talking about. It is, arguably, the best-known cycling event in Europe and, possibly, the world. Time after time, legendary cyclists from all over the globe come together to compete on a lengthy track. As is the case with any major sporting event, this isn’t one of those things you can pop in and get it over with. Tour de France lasts around three weeks.

FIBA World Cup

Like with soccer, this is one of those sports that the whole world can watch and enjoy. It is action-packed, with some of your favorite stars playing, so it is definitely worth attempting to buy tickets. A word of caution to the US fans – some NBA players are not allowed by their own clubs to participate in the World Cup, lest they injure themselves and end their career prematurely.    

Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco is one of those places that are worth visiting even if you want nothing to do with the sporting event they are hosting. The climate, the company, and the luxury are at every corner. It is even more exciting if you are planning on watching the Grand Prix, one of the most prestigious Formula One races in the world. It is one thing to watch the races on a screen, and a completely different experience watching the drivers pull in for a pit stop and emerge mere seconds later. It is truly a place to be for every Formula One fan.