The Best Sports Museums in Europe

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Europe has given people so many of our favorite sports that everyone has come to love. It also provides us with some other sports-related experiences as well. It is home to several of the world’s best sports-focused museums. Here you will find some of the most beautiful museums in Europe you can visit and learn more about sports.

British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, Scotland

It is located across the street from the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and proudly displays the history of golf there. Interestingly enough, St. Andrews is said to be the birthplace of golf. This museum was opened in 1990 to give us first-hand experience of golf from the Middle Ages to the present. The museum currently covers an area of 6,200 square feet and is open each day of the week.

Ferrari Museum

Italian car enthusiasts won’t want to miss Bologna. It showcases the best models of cars designed by Enzo Ferrari and his following. It showcases cars from some of the most prestigious races and a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions that highlight the finest moments of the company. An enlightening expedition into the world of the company’s various whips has been made.

Wimbledon Museum

Tennis is considered one of the finest sports on earth. At Wimbledon, legends such as Roger Federer, Raphael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray have all showcased their skills. You can also visit the location’s museum, which gives you the opportunity to discover more about the best athletes throughout history and walk in the footsteps of many tennis players that came before you. It is one of the benefits of visiting the museum that an audio guide is available for visitors, which can be translated into ten languages.

Manchester United Museum

Those of you who love soccer know of the immense power and magnitude of Manchester United. As well as this museum, the Old Trafford stadium is one of the best-known soccer stadiums in the world. Besides featuring photographs and memorabilia of Man United’s greatest heroes, the museum also accommodates parties.

The German Football Museum

The inspiration for this fairly young museum came from Germany’s victory in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The national association, DFS, wanted to use the funding to create this wonder, and it took a few years for them to do so. The museum is located in Dortmund, close to the main train station, and the three winners, chosen to design the museum, did not provide the organizers with an appropriate design when the competition was held. Though the runner-ups were recognized for their skills, it was HPP Architects that won the honor of designing the museum. An open structure, the museum showcases the most significant artifact from German soccer history.