Things You Should Not Forget Packing for Your Next Ski Trip

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Putting together the perfect ski trip bag can seem impossible. When you go skiing, you pack a lot and your bag fills up quickly. The last thing you want to do is forget a vital item or leave it behind. A comfortable ski trip requires you to be at your best, and anything less will have you rushing toward the lodge.

You will be forced to purchase overpriced gear on the mountain or waste the trip. Whatever you’re doing on your skis your gear needs to keep you warm and comfortable.

Base Layers 

The key to maximizing the warmth of any ski ensemble is to pack great base layers. Make sure to layer up with tops and bottoms that are soft and warm. Invest in base layers that are so comfortable and warm that you will not want to take them off. You can even roll up base layers so they can fit in tighter spaces in your bag.


Make sure to pack waterproof and warm women’s mittens along with flexible gloves liners on your next ski trip. When you’re ski touring downhill, it won’t even feel like your hands and fingers are being pounded with cold air. By keeping my fingers together, mittens maximize my body’s heat, while glove liners provide protection from the elements when I take them off and use a touchscreen.


Since fleeces are so versatile, they are a great choice when packing for a ski trip. If you are spending the day on the slopes, wear them over a base layer. When the weather is warm, layer them on their own as a jacket. Wear a fleece and yoga pants after a day on the slopes or pair them with your favorite leggings for a casual apr├Ęs ski hang by the fire. Due to their versatility, it is recommended to pack two or three depending on the length of your trip.

Neck Gaiter

While scarves are wonderful for pre-ski hangouts, they are definitely out when skiing. If they flap around in the wind and frequently shift, they can create openings through which cold air can enter. The neck gaiter is slippable, and the fleece provides insulation from the wind, the cold, and wetness, whether it be sweat or rain. If you’re planning an outing that involves skiing, it’s a must-have.

Ear Warmer

Hopefully, you always wear a helmet while skiing. One can be rented at the mountain where you will be skiing so that you save space in your bag or in case you forget it. As much as your helmet keeps your head warm, ensuring your ears and forehead are protected is equally important. Ear warmest will keep your head warm and make skiing more comfortable.