Why You Should Travel by Train

2 min read

Yes, going by airplane is still the safest way to travel, and no one is denying the luxury of boats and ships. That being said, did you know that traveling by train can be loads of fun? It’s true! There are a few perks that trains can offer that you will not likely find on other modes of transportation. We will exclude the subway from this list, as underground traveling is more of a convenience and less of an adventure.


Unlike buses and planes, being next to an overweight passenger and having no leg room is rarely an issue on a train. Some trains do still have a bus-like arrangement of seats, but let us turn our sights on the trains that have compartments. You can sit right across from your friends and family, sometimes at a table. This often makes you feel as if you were in a comfortable room, instead of being packed like sardines.

Additionally, there is no seasickness, airsickness, or any other conventional discomforts. The train ride is smooth and makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy other activities.


Do you know the panic that often follows you on your travels? Especially if you have one or more friends that tend to panic every time. You are actually not very likely to panic or be around someone who does on the train. 

For some people, fun isn’t the loud noise and the flashy lights, but the peace and quiet used to reflect on your life, the world in general, or just admire the view outside your window. In this case, the trains will grant your request. It is very easy to get lost in your own thoughts or in a good book while in your compartment.

It’s Perfect for Board and Card Games

Are you looking for a rousing game of Uno or Exploding Kittens? It is much easier to play these games on the train than on other modes of transportation. It’s even better if you have some games that have magnets, though trains lately are so smooth that there is hardly a need for, say, magnet chess.

Enjoying the Scenery

What do you see when you look out of a window while on a plane or bus? The view is infinitely better from a train, though that might just be our own personal preference. Instead of just looking at the road, there are forests, mountains, lakes, and cities that you pass in a flash. It is perfect for the aforementioned meditation. Just sit back, gaze upon the world outside and let your mind wander where it may. Some members of our site had a few epiphanies as the result of doing something similar.